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The logger component enables you to control the log levels of other components and activities in Viseron.

Logs are in the format: [timestamp][level] [log_name] - message


Configuration example
default_level: info
viseron.components.ffmpeg: debug
viseron.components.edgetpu: debug
camera_one: debug
loggermap required
Logger configuration.

Available levels

This list shows the available log levels sorted by severity. Logging messages which are less severe than the given level will be ignored.

  • critical
  • error
  • warning
  • info
  • debug

View logs

Example command to examine the logs:

docker logs -f viseron

Debugging a camera

If one of your cameras is malfunctioning you might need to enable debug logging for it to gain some more insight or raise an issue.

Setting default_level to debug will create a lot of noise. To isolate the logs of a specific camera, use the cameras config option. The following example will enable debug logging for all logs related to the camera with the identifier camera_one.

camera_one: debug