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List of components that are available in Viseron.



  • Background Subtractor

    The background_subtractor component utilizes a set of OpenCV functions to implement motion detection using an algorithm called background subtraction.

  • Codeproject.AI

    CodeProject.AI Server is a locally installed, self-hosted, fast, free and Open Source Artificial Intelligence server for any platform, any language. No off-device or out of network data transfer, no messing around with dependencies, and able to be used from any platform, any language. Runs as a Windows Service or a Docker container.

  • CompreFace

    Exadel CompreFace is a free and open-source face recognition service that can be easily integrated into any system without prior machine learning skills.

  • Darknet

    State of the art Object Detection using the YOLOv7, YOLOv4 and YOLOv3 framework.

  • DeepStack

    DeepStack is an Open-Source AI API engine that serves pre-built models and custom models on multiple edge devices locally or on your private cloud.

  • dlib

    Dlib is a modern C++ toolkit containing machine learning algorithms and tools for creating complex software to solve real world problems.

  • Google Coral EdgeTPU

    The Coral EdgeTPU provides fast, efficient, private and offline AI inferencing capabilities in multiple form factors, such as a USB accessory or a PCIe module.

  • FFmpeg

    FFmpeg is a free and open-source software project consisting of a suite of libraries and programs for handling video, audio, and other multimedia files and streams.

  • GStreamer

    GStreamer is a pipeline-based multimedia framework that links together a wide variety of media processing systems to complete complex workflows.

  • Logger

    Fine-grained control over Viserons logging.

  • MOG2

    MOG2 is a Gaussian Mixture-based Background/Foreground Segmentation Algorithm that provides motion detection capabilities.

  • MQTT

    MQTT is a lightweight, publish-subscribe, machine to machine network protocol. It is designed for connections with remote locations that have devices with resource constraints or limited network bandwidth.

  • NVR

    The NVR component is the orchestrator for all other components. It is responsible for passing images to object detectors and starting recordings, among other things.It is absolutely vital for the functionality of Viseron.

  • Webserver

    Viseron frontend User Interface.