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Viseron is distributed as a Docker image. This makes deployment easy for the user and reduces the "But it works on my machine" factor.

Develop Docker containers

Viseron heavily uses multistage Docker builds, and compilation of different components are split into different Dockerfiles. To build all the amd64 image from scratch the following commands can be used.

docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-ffmpeg && \
docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-opencv && \
docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-dlib && \
docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-wheels && \
docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-base && \
docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-viseron

Lets say you want to update to a newer version of OpenCV. To do this you would:

  • Edit OPENCV_VERSION in ./azure-pipelines/.env
  • Build the OpenCV image: docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-opencv
  • Build Viseron image: docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build amd64-viseron


To support different CPU architectures i use Balenas base images that runs QEMU. To build these you need to first register QEMU on your builder.

The easiest way to do that is to run:

docker run --rm --privileged tonistiigi/binfmt --install all

You can then simply build the containers like you normally would and QEMU will be invoked automatically.

docker-compose --file ./azure-pipelines/docker-compose-build.yaml --env ./azure-pipelines/.env build aarch64-viseron