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Local Development proxy

In order to develop the frontend efficiently, the best way is to run the frontend locally using npm run start in the frontend directory. This will start a local development server on port 5173.


To run the frontend locally you can also use the VSCode task Frontend: Start.

However, this will not work with the backend since it is running on a different port. To solve this, we use a proxy in the vite.config.ts file. The proxy is configured to forward all requests to the host in the VITE_PROXY_HOST environment variable. If this variable is not set, it will default to localhost:8888.

The VITE_PROXY_HOST variable can be set in a Vite .env file. This file should be placed in the frontend directory and should be named .env.local. This file is ignored by git, so it will not be committed.


You can point the proxy to your production Viseron instance to avoid having to run two instances of Viseron.